Major landforms of South America

Amazon Basin

Location: From the Alaska Peninsula to the border of Yukon.
Characteristics: They are mountains from the south central Alaska.
Most important landform: Mount Mc Kinliey.


Location: Tip of South America to Panama.
Characteristics: Is home of the big planet volcanoes
Most important landform: Aconcagua- Argentina

Atacama Desert

Location: Into the Andes of Chile.
Characteristics: Is cold and rainfall is rare.
Most important landform: Atacama Desert

Brazilian highlands

Location: Southern of Brazil.
Characteristics: Is a highland region.
Most important landform: Pao de Asucar.

Guiana Highlands

Location: From the southern Venezuela across the northern edge of South America.
Characteristics: It is form because it has the biggest waterfall of the world (Angel falls). 
Most important landform: Mt. Roraima.


Location: Colombia. Central Southern Venezuela.
Characteristics: They are fertile and very large planes.
Most important landform: Orinoco River.


Location: Central Argentina.
Characteristics: Form for its many cattle ranches.
Most important landform: Uruguay River.


Location: Between Andes and Atlantis Ocean.
Characteristics: It’s mostly ruggled land.
Most important landform: Rio Negro River.

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